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Don’t forget to communicate

Written by Paul Stallard
Source: Google images

Source: Google images

Since I started writing this blog the one aspect of its creation which I have enjoyed has been the contact with others in the blogosphere. If you write a blog then receiving a comment on what you have written is a great feeling. Especially, if you have never met/spoken to that person before.

I have always felt very lucky that the PR industry has a number of both intelligent and brilliant bloggers, who are happy to share their views and thoughts. Through this blog I have been able to open a conversation with a number of them and now find my self flicking through the pages of PR Week looking for familiar names and faces.

That said, I have observed the dynamic change over the past few months. With the rise of Twitter I have steadily seen the decline in the amount of posts from bloggers I follow and certainly the level of commenting across the board. I have written a couple of times about, how on a Sunday I like to catch up on my blog reading. This gives me the opportunity to reach out to those in my community, try to engage in conversation and to open myself to new ideas which have been expressed by my peers. In truth it is one of my favourite times of the week.
However, more and more, I am logging onto my NetVibes account and seeing that the last post was written one week, two weeks, one month or more ago. I am also seeing less and less commenting on the blogs that I visit but more activity on Twitter. To see what opinion was out there I posted a question on Twitter the other day: Quick question. Has your blog output declined since you became addicted to Twitter?

I was delighted to get some responses from some people in our industry whom I respect and also some newer faces. (By the way, I can’t recommend enough following these people. They embrace the very nature of Twitter that makes it such a powerful tool, by engaging in conversations. If you do one thing today, please follow them all – you won’t regret it.)

@Bmcmichael (Becky McMichael) It did but only for a while, now I am liking the blog again

@GilesS (Giles Shorthouse) – Yes

@BeccaJW (the brilliant Rebecca Wheeler – that is actually her full name) Not because of Twitter but it has declined because of workload

@DannyWhatmough (Danny Wahtmough) no, if anything, increased. Due to being made aware of more interesting stuff. Reliance on RSS feed reader is down tho

@kateharley (Kate Hartley) No, blog output the same (still not enough!) – Twitter helps with ideas and tracking what’s of interest.

@yarnaka (Yaryna Klyuchkovska) yes, absolutely! i used to “store” my thoughts for exploring in my blog, now I just broadcast the essence via Twitter

A mixed bag. I personally love Twitter and the speed in which it lets you communicate and share ideas with people. A great deal of traffic to this very blog comes via Twitter. In fact, I find it an essential learning tool to make sure I know what is happening in my industry.

That said, I still love blogging more as I find it allows me to express my views in greater detail. I respect that others have found it difficult to manage both their blog and its little brother but also hope that our community don’t lose sight of what has made it so special. It isn’t a popularity contest. It isn’t about being the cleverest. It isn’t about being the coolest, baldest, fattest or whaterist it is about communicating, which as PR people we should all know about.

So if you see a post that you like leave a comment. Share it on Twitter. Lets make sure our community continues to communicate with each other and also with those outside our space.

  • Christopher Falco

    I have noticed the blogging world take a nose dive across the board since the creation of twitter I own a website called which is free help for bloggers who need help getting traffic. I,ve noticed less user’s and the blogs they submit have not been recently updated. Only in the last week or so have the bloggers that I see started adding more content to their blogs. Personally I think blogging is the news of the future without being sensored by the powers that be. So to you and all your readers keep up the great work!

  • Danny Whatmough

    Thanks for the link Paul – good post and an interesting subject.

    I agree with your conclusion, the two are complementary. As I mentioned in my tweet, I find I discover more and more interesting bits and pieces through Twitter than I ever did previously. However the longer-form blog post still has a place. 140 characters isn’t enough sometimes (as you prove time and time again with your great posts here).

    Real-time interaction is fantastic, but we all need time to sit back, think and evaluate too.