PRess Who?

Berkeley PR plays PRess Who

Berkeley PR plays PRess Who

Yesterday was our Christmas party and there are quite a few sore heads in the office today. It was a brilliant night out at Ascot Racecourse but before we left we did secret Santa. In amongst the usual gifts of smellies and books, one of the team received one of the greatest PR secret Santa gifts I have ever seen. It was a version of the classic children’s game Guess Who, updated as PRess Who. Instead of the usual cast of man with beard and lady wearing a hat, the faces were slightly more well known to the office as they had been replaced with tech journalists.

This was presented to our resident quiz master who on a Friday runs the Berkeley PR media quiz. Each week the execs are tested on the editorial teams of the titles that we target on a daily basis. All too often agencies rely on their media databases but I have always encouraged my team to know who is the best contact at each title for specific titles as it helps you to work smarter and faster.

I tweeted a picture of this yesterday and had a great response from a number of the media although a couple were a little worried about the potential questions that would be asked to eliminate them!

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