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A golden rule of writing

Written by Paul Stallard
five paragraphs into the blog....

five paragraphs into the blog post….

I read a lot of PR blogs.

Twitter constantly introduces me to new ones and new ideas. This is one of the reasons why I have a deep rooted love of this communication channel. But, there is one common theme that I come across almost on a weekly basis when I read some blogs. Some people talk too much.

I remember attending one of Alex Blyth’s excellent writing for the media courses a few years back and one of the big things that came out of it is that you don’t need to pad out your copy with ten words if five can do the job.

Remember less is more.

The same rule applies to blogs, press release writing, case studies and feature writing. Be clear about what you want to say and be punchy about producing that copy but don’t waffle. If you do that you will lose your audience.

I lose track of the amount of blogs that I start reading and lose interest in before getting to the conclusion. I know for a fact the same can be said of journalists reading press releases.