Why does Hollywood love a fairy tale and what can PR learn from them?

Jack and the Giant Killer

Jack and the Giant Killer

Mrs S and I were lucky enough to find ourselves a baby sitter and ventured out to the cinema on Saturday. Looking at the list of films on offer or being advertised it struck me just how many fairy tale type stories are being brought to life for the big screen by Hollywood. With Oz, Jack the Giant Killer closely following a series of Snow White films there is clearly big bucks available in the fairy tale genre.

However, this doesn’t surprise me too much. Stories have shaped civilisations for generations and this is why fairy tales are so successful. By communicating tales of good and evil through the power of fun and engaging stories, characters – and companies – can stand out from the crowd. PR professionals need to apply the same ethos to their PR campaigns.

The world of PR is full of self-congratulating press releases about new products, partnership agreements, awards and contract wins, but does the media really care? At Berkeley PR we have embraced the art of storytelling and injected it into our approach to PR. Think about it. Although we live in a digital age, the secret to effective communication can be found in the DNA of humanity dating back thousands of years. This is part of the appeal of fairy tales. It is a great story told in a compelling way. If it wasn’t Hollywood wouldn’t be spending millions on bringing them to life. The same needs to happen to a company’s message or the media and more importantly, customers, won’t be interested.

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