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What questions to ask before you start any research for PR?

Written by Paul Stallard
Research for PR

Research for PR

I sat in on a meeting yesterday with Dr Cherry Taylor from Dynamic Markets where she re-introduced the business to me and their services that they offer. This isn’t anything new as suppliers always come in and present their solutions at Berkeley PR but I was impressed enough to want to blog about it.

Dynamic Markets is a market research consultancy that offers value-add services to PR and marketing professionals that are specifically destined for the public domain. Part of the reason that I was particularly impressed with the approach was because Cherry who was presenting the company and its approach is also the person that you work with directly. I have worked with a number of supplier where I have been impressed with the sales person only to be passed around the house once we have engaged with them.

At Berkeley PR we don’t like to start any campaign or programme without the appropriate level of planning. Dynamic Markets bring this same approach to research programmes.

Before starting any research they want to be sat at the table with the client to determine and agree the right issues before any questions are even thought about. Below is a summary of what any good piece of research should be based upon:

What’s the client’s businesses focus?

  • Business objective for doing the research?
  • Key product, new product or brand value the research needs to support?
  • The client’s unique selling point (USP)

The audience – who do we want to influence?

  • Types of organisation?
  • Target customers within
  • Other groups they need to influence

Planned uses for the research?

  • What is the best way to communicate the research findings to these audiences?


  • What are their target media?
  • Which journalists?

Other sales and marketing activity?

  • Sales collateral, consistent global content, advertising, website downloads, digital marketing, direct mail, events, newsletter

This approach sits well with me and I look forward to working on our first project together soon. I have also asked Dr Cherry to take part in one of my interviews which she has kindly agreed to so watch this space.