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Would you get a tattoo of your employers logo for a 15% pay rise?

Written by Paul Stallard
Brand tattoo

Brand tattoo

I laughed off this story when my wife told me about it at the weekend, but it did get me thinking when she said that she would consider it for her place of work as she has been there for ten years and loves the place. I have now asked a couple of colleagues and a few have indicated that they would consider it, as long as they could choose where the tattoo would go.

At Berkeley PR, we are fortunate that staff turnover is very low as most people appreciate the work environment that we have created, the type of clients you get the chance to work on and the benefits we provide our team. But if they had a Berkeley PR tattoo would they be less likely to travel up the road to a competitor? Would the 15% increase in salary be more than covered by the amount of PR we would get from announcing the opportunity? Or would we risk alienating a large number of the team and clients, who I know would be horrified by this crude approach to providing our team a pay rise.

Either way, this story has generated reams and reams of coverage for the American real estate agency (Rapid Realty) who announced the campaign last week. From my perspective, I loved how powerful a story this simple idea had become. It is such an emotive subject that you can’t help but have an opinion and that has to be a win for any PR story.

It is exactly the type of stunt that we have grown used to seeing from Ryan Air or Paddy Power who are not scared of creating controversial stunts that will generate vast amounts of coverage.

So would you consider it – the tattoo of your brand, not the campaign?