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PR Week top 150 2013 – Berkeley PR up 22 places!

Written by Paul Stallard

PR Week Top 150 2013

The PR Week top 150 2013 came out this week and despite some agencies choosing not to enter each year it is still widely regarded as the most authoritive pieces of analysis of the British PR and comms industry (unless you have fallen or don’t feature). Berkeley PR has recorded another strong performance reporting a 26 per cent change over the previous year and jumping 22 places to 80 in the table. To put this in perspective the average growth rate across the industry was an inflation-busting 11.5 per cent up from nine per cent year before.

Outside of London we are now sat in lucky 13th place and feeling confident that we can gate crash a top ten place next year. With the technology and digital tables still to come I am feel really rather positive about the industry as a whole.

But this hasn’t just happened by accident. In the supplement that evaluated the top 150 one of the agencies interviewed talked about the fact that all their new business came from word of mouth. However encouraging this might sound I would be worried if that was the case at Berkeley PR. New business is the life bloody of growth and profit and relying solely on word of mouth is a concerning concept to me and one that will only allow you to grow for a short period of time. The growth at Berkeley PR has happened for a number of reasons, including word of mouth, but more importantly the following two:

Firstly, the team we have built at Berkeley PR are motivated, hungry and quite simply the strongest PR team I have ever worked with. Our international network is continuing to grow, our content team is going from strength to strength and our lead generation creative team is already proving popular with clients.

Secondly, we have become more focused on profit. If you don’t manage for profit you are leaving yourself open to problems in the future. Understanding and managing profit demonstrates that an agency actually has the ability to grow the business effectively and defines good financial management. Anyone who has recorded fabulous growth without this is simply just lucky and the only confidence I would have is that it won’t continue. Profit needs to be a goal, not a consequence. It does not just happen, it must be anticipated and planned for.

At Berkeley PR we have worked hard to ensure that our talented team are both amazing communication professionals but also have an understanding of profit. We understand that all staff need to embrace this have it as part of their DNA if we want to continue to make Berkeley PR the name that everyone can be proud of on their CVs.