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PR recruitment: Are you a Rooney or a Woodgate?

Written by Paul Stallard

A debut to forget…

At Berkeley PR we have hired a string of senior new staff over the past few months. I often feel that this is a bit like when a football team spends big on a new star striker. Regardless of what you say or think about pressure, all eyes are on you.

The senior team is looking to validate their faith in hiring you, the rest of the team want to see why you have been brought in above them and the clients want to know why you are better than what they have previously had. That big first win or goal is important to win over hearts and minds and calm everyone down so you can get on with the job at hand. That said, it is also important that you don’t peek on your debut and then disappear. A great start will take the pressure off but you must then continue to move forward or there will be rumblings.

My top five tips for making an impact when joining a PR agency

1.    Pace yourself. Don’t get off to an explosive start and then disappear. Be consistently strong at everything you do rather than brilliant at a few things.
2.    Help others. Show the rest of the team why you are in the position you are and help them. Demonstrate your experience and contacts.
3.    Try and get a good first win under your belt as soon as possible. Whether it is a piece of new business, a great piece of coverage or project opportunity, it will help settle both your nerves and those around you.
4.    Make friends – try and become part of the team straight away. Cakes always work in our office.
5.    Don’t be scared of working late or going that extra mile on the first few campaigns. It will impress those around you that you are not a clock watcher, but don’t stay late all the time. It might send the wrong type of message that you can’t manage your time efficiently

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