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30 day challenge: record 1 second of video every day

Written by Paul Stallard

Keep calm

I saw an old blog post from Matt Cutts this morning where he talked about recording a second of video every day. This was based upon a TED talk he had watched where Cesar Kuriyama talked about how days and weeks and months were starting to blur and blend into each other so he had decided to try and capture a second each day. I’m sure that everyone in PR would agree with that. It sometimes takes a step back to actually understand exactly what you have done over the past month as you are generally too busy doing it to appreciate it.

Inspired by Matt I have challenged two of my colleagues to do the same alongside me. Matt Seymour and Katie Hopkins (not the idiot off the Apprentice) have stepped up to the challenge and we have all downloaded the 1 Second Everyday app to our phones. We do this not because we think we are really cool and interesting  (well the other two might be but I’m certainly not) but to show there are different ways to approach creating content. For example, could you do the 30 day challenge for an exhibition, product launch or a new employee?

Either way, we will share our challenge videos next month.  If anyone else is interested in joining in let me know. Would be happy to share your 30 days – just keep it clean!!