Importance of Vitamin D for your preschooler

Dosage of Vitamin D for children
Vitamin D forms a major part of your child’s diet. Although it is a micro nutrient, and needed by the body in small quantities, it is still very important to keep the child’s body fit. One way of replenishing vitamin D in your child’s body is by exposing his or her skin to the sun. But many times, children are not exposed to the sun adequately which makes them run the risk of suffering from vitamin deficiency. Often geographical location play a major role in inducing vitamin D deficiency. Dark skinned children run a risk of vitamin D deficiency as the melanin in the skin impedes vitamin D synthesis.

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Therefore, it is essential for parents whose children are getting ready to go to preschool, to make sure that their children have adequate vitamin D. Preschool for kids is an important phase as it prepares the child for a major phase in an individual’s life. Hence it is of utmost importance to make sure that your pre-schooler has an adequate dosage of vitamin D. For any child, the need for vitamin D starts from the stage the child is in the mother’s womb and the requirement continues to be there till one dies.

Benefits that vitamin D gives to the child
Vitamin D is beneficial for your child at any phase. Here are some benefits of vitamin D for your child:

1. There are two types of Vitamin D – Vitamin D2 and also vitamin D3.
2. Vitamin D2 is scientifically recognized as ergocalciferol. This type of vitamin is generally created by the plants.
3. Vitamin D3 is scientifically called as cholecalciferol. It is created naturally in the human body as the body is exposed to the rays of the sun.
4. Both types of vitamin D is needed by the body to build better and healthier bones, specifically for children.
5. Many parents have the wrong notion that making the child play outside under the sun and having milk will help in generating vitamin D in their children’s body.
6. Vitamin D assists the body in absorbing minerals such as calcium that helps in building strong bones and teeth.
7. Vitamin D also has another role—it acts a hormone that helps in working of the immunity of the body and also facilitates cell growth.
8. Most importantly it helps the child from not being infected by rickets, a bone deformity disease.
9. Vitamin D helps the body to absorb calcium and phosphate that helps in protecting bones.