Tips For Smooth Transition To A Nursery School

Starting school is always a mix of emotions for both the child and the parents. Ensuring a smooth transition is very pivotal so that the child’s expectations are set in terms of what to look forward to. A little bit of support and encouragement goes a long way in helping the kid be prepared for success in school as well as in life. Nursery for toddlers provides care, play, socialization and education at a very early age so that the child has a well-rounded growth.

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Tips For A Happy Start To School
Start off by introducing your child to other adults or extended family and let them spend some quality time with them. This will help them with the separation anxiety that occurs when they do not see you for long periods.

Allow them to play with other children their age. This will help them learn the art of making friends and sharing their toys or waiting for their turns.

Try including discussions about school in the day to day conversations and keep it very positive and encouraging so that their anxiety is at bay and they are excited about school.

Letting the child choose their own outfits (out of the ones you pick to avoid inappropriate choices) is a great approach to teach them the lesson of ownership and encourage decision making.

Kids need to be trained very well on bathroom manners like zipping up, flushing after use and washing their hands after using the bathroom.

Teaching them basic concepts like shapes, letters and numbers will help them learn quickly when they get introduced to these topics at school.

Let them understand the importance of knowing their full name, address and contact number as well as your name and work details so that they are able to contact you should the need arise.
Ensure that your kid has the opportunity to visit his new school so that he is aware of the surroundings and the people he would be spending time with on a regular basis.

Teach them basic skills like peeling an orange or a banana. Let them be aware of the ways to open a carton or box so that they can do it by themselves during lunch.

Ensure that they know who their designated pickup is so that they do not leave the school grounds with anyone else without prior permission.

Make reading a habit. You should read to the child regularly and also allow him to choose his own book and read it.