Would you relocate for a job?

I have heard this increasingly over the past 12 months. I have seen peers from the communications industry who used to be ferocious bloggers disappear. I myself, took a year off while a combination of a new role and family life took their toll on my time…..but I never lost the belief that blogging is a valuable part of the communications mix.

Everyone at Berkeley PR blogs. Everyone. You need to know what works and what doesn’t and a textbook can’t provide you with as much knowledge as simply doing it. In addition, a third of our team are trained journalists so just try and stop them from writing.

What I have found heartening over the past month were a couple of stories about children blogging to great success. I’m sure most will have heard the story about Martha Payne’s blog on school dinners (see Wadd’s blog for more details) and I also enjoyed hearing about Holly Pope’s blog – Childtastic Books – where she offers her thoughts on the books she is reading at school.

In an article in the Sunday Times a teaching assistant who works with Holly explains: “….its encouraged Holly to formulate her own opinions. By blogging in this way children are encouraged to start thinking about things like, what am I reading, do I like it, what do I like about it. It’s letting them realise they can have these opinions.”

I totally agree but both stories also highlight that if you have great content there is no limit to how far you can go. Here are two school children who both started blogs but have received both national and international coverage of their campaigns.

It also shows the power of local. Both of these blogs were picked up by local newspapers who in turn were picked up by larger titles.

I would say that the only people who would say that blogging is a waste of time either aren’t doing it properly, don’t understand it or have had zero engagement because simply their content isn’t very interesting.