Signs that Your Child is Not Yet Ready for International Kindergarten

Of course, every parent wants their children to learn, grow and develop. But children do not perform at the same rate. Some might be very fast at learning while others need more time and attention.

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can determine if your child is ready for kindergarten. If your child exhibits any of the following behaviours that will be listed below, it shows that he is not ready for kindergarten.

Difficulties following directions and listening

For your child to do well in kindergarten he has to know how to listen and take instructions from their teachers. If your child is intelligent and easily understands things but cannot follow instructions, he might not be able to cope in some international kindergarten. This obviously because kindergarten teachers give a lot of directions in order to teach.

If your child cannot follow simple directions listed below, then you need to spend more time teaching them to follow directions.

  1. Stand up
  2. Jump up
  3. Put on your coat
  4. Cover your ears
  5. Line up

Always in need of help

Children are not perfect so they tend to make mistakes from time to time. But if you observe that your child cannot carry out simple tasks like- dressing up, zipping up their coat, wearing their shoes, eating and pouring into to a cup. Then it shows that they will not be able to cope with kindergarten schools.

A child that is ready for school should be able to carry out simple and important tasks on their own without needing too much assistance.

If your child is not independent and requires you to help him a lot, then you probably should wait until he is ready.

Overly upset

It is natural for children to cry when they fall or bump into something from time to time. It is also normal for your child to cry on his first day of school. But you should be concerned when your child starts having separation anxiety. That is when they become overly upset about you leaving.

To determine correctly if your child is ready for kindergarten school, ask yourself this question; Can my child say goodbye and begin to engage in an activity that he finds intriguing at a kindergarten school?

Your answer to that question will determine if your child is ready or not.

Basically, children learn more when they are able to leave their parent without becoming upset or angry. A good actionable step parent can take in this regard is to start practicing how to say goodbye to their children in preschool and day care.

Doing this will prepare your child mentally, and ultimately help them cope with kindergarten.

Can they communicate properly?

It is important that a child is able to communicate properly to their teachers because if your child is able to communicate, he will be able to express his need to his teachers. Even more, communication is the foundation which a child can use to build a strong relationship with teachers and other adults.

Do they participate in a group activity?

Working as a team or in a group is difficult even for adults. So, before you enrol your child in an international kindergarten it is wise to ask yourself if your child play and interact with other kids. You need to also confirm if your child can take turns and share.

Asking your self these questions, you will be able to know for sure if your child is ready or not.

As a parent, you don’t have to feel bad or blame yourself if your child is not ready for kindergarten. What you should do is to seek help from help teacher and child development experts.

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Would you relocate for a job?

I have heard this increasingly over the past 12 months. I have seen peers from the communications industry who used to be ferocious bloggers disappear. I myself, took a year off while a combination of a new role and family life took their toll on my time…..but I never lost the belief that blogging is a valuable part of the communications mix.

Everyone at Berkeley PR blogs. Everyone. You need to know what works and what doesn’t and a textbook can’t provide you with as much knowledge as simply doing it. In addition, a third of our team are trained journalists so just try and stop them from writing.

What I have found heartening over the past month were a couple of stories about children blogging to great success. I’m sure most will have heard the story about Martha Payne’s blog on school dinners (see Wadd’s blog for more details) and I also enjoyed hearing about Holly Pope’s blog – Childtastic Books – where she offers her thoughts on the books she is reading at school.

In an article in the Sunday Times a teaching assistant who works with Holly explains: “….its encouraged Holly to formulate her own opinions. By blogging in this way children are encouraged to start thinking about things like, what am I reading, do I like it, what do I like about it. It’s letting them realise they can have these opinions.”

I totally agree but both stories also highlight that if you have great content there is no limit to how far you can go. Here are two school children who both started blogs but have received both national and international coverage of their campaigns.

It also shows the power of local. Both of these blogs were picked up by local newspapers who in turn were picked up by larger titles.

I would say that the only people who would say that blogging is a waste of time either aren’t doing it properly, don’t understand it or have had zero engagement because simply their content isn’t very interesting.

What are the secret rewards of free?

The joy of reading is finding a book that challenges, grips you and encourages you to make changes to your life. I also read a lot of trash that does none of the above but are still enjoyable, it is just when you find a book like this you want to shout about it.

One such book is Drive, by Daniel H Pink, that looks at how we motivate people. One of the chapters starts with story:

Imagine it’s 1995. I would like to test your forecasting powers by describing two encyclopedias.

The first comes from Microsoft. It is going to fund this encyclopedia. It will pay professional writers and editors to craft articles on thousands of topics. Well compensated managers will oversee the project to ensure it’s completed on budget and on time. Microsoft will then sell the encyclopedia on CD-ROM and later on-line.

The second encyclopedia won’t come from a company. It will be created by tens of thousands of people who write and edit articles for fun. These hobbyists won’t need any special qualifications to participate and absolutely nobody will be paid to write or edit articles. Participants will have to contribute their labour, sometimes twenty and thirty hours a week, for free. It will only exist online and will be free – no charge for anyone who wants to see it.

Now imagine it is modern day. Which will be the biggest in the world and which will be defunct? In 1995 I doubt you would have found a single person who would not have picked the first model. The incentives were all wrong for the free offering as everyone involved in that project knew that success would bring them nothing. In fact it would cost them something.

So what happened? In 1995 Microsoft pulled the plug on MSN Encarta while Wikipedia ended up becoming the largest and most popular encyclopedia in the world.

Edward Deci explains that human beings have an inherent tendency to seek out novelty and challenges, to extend and exercise their capabilities to explore and learn.

I like this. Cold hard cash is never something to turn your nose up at, but I agree with this ethos that a challenge or opportunity to create a legacy is a stronger driving force. They are certainly skillsets that we look for when recruiting people at Berkeley PR.

The story also reminded me of the excellent work that Barbara French does with her blog and analyst database. There are a number of expensive (and frankly not very good) analyst relations databases out there but she has bucked the trend by creating a community analyst database.

Barbara has created a free information resource looking for experts on the tech and telecoms market. She openly encourages user to send her updates, add comments about their dealings with analyst firms and sends out regular updates via her Twitter feed to highlight changes. She also does this on top of the day job.

So what motivates Barbara to do this? Having never discussed this with her I wouldn’t like to put words in her mouth but having read Drive would suggest it is the motivation offered by intrinsic reward that drives her forward. She isn’t working on this directory for commercial benefit but simply because she finds it gratifying to provide a service to the community and enjoys it. The joy of creating the database is in itself its own reward.

Wouldn’t it be nice if a similar media list service presented itself? It would certainly save many PR companies many thousands of pounds each year.

Bad news and The Olympics

With the Olympics coming to town and the opening ceremony this Friday I am officially VERY excited about the start of The Games. I literally can’t wait. I remember sitting around the television at a previous employer watching the news come in that London had won the bid and thinking this is going to be a once in a lifetime event. I still feel that way.
A former colleague Laura Slade wrote a blog last week calling on the press to stop being so negative around the games and to get behind them. She explained that positive stories also sell papers and pointed to the Royal Wedding as an example.

At Berkeley PR, we believe there are three things that make a great story. My colleague Matt Brown wrote a blog recently that opened with the infamous moto of Lord Northcliffe, founder of the Daily Mail, “Get me a murder a day!” This might sound like a cynical approach to journalism but time and time again it has proven to be successful. People like drama. They like having something to gossip about. Think about the stories you have read recently and actually retold to someone else – I bet they were all bad news stories.
That said, there are two other elements that can make a great story which seem to be forgotten at the moment. Human interest and topicality.
This was why the Royal Wedding sold papers like hot cakes. Not because it was a nice story but because people felt they were part of something and because, regardless of who you are, everyone loves a wedding.

I sincerely hope that the British press embrace these elements of a story of the next couple of days and help bring a sense of occasion to the whole country. The Games should be a source of pride to this country and more importantly an opportunity for businesses to prosper after a difficult couple of years. The Olympic flame went through Reading and Theale recently and the whole of our company was excited about the fact.

The eyes of the world will be on London this week so let’s show them that we can put on a show but also approach the reporting of The Games in a creative and imaginative way that we can all be proud of. Don’t forget, bad news sells…..but so does human interest and topicality.

Would you take a pay cut so your colleague could have a pay rise?

I watched a very interesting programme last week about Pimlico Plumbers, where the CEO decided that he was fed up with people knocking on his door every two minutes asking for a pay rise so he asked everyone to share with each other how much they were paid. The results were startling with many people doing exactly the same job but being paid up to £9k less.

This brought back memories of when I worked for my first PR agency and management called everyone to a meeting and asked everyone to vote on whether they would take a pay cut for six months or keep their current salary and watch the business make three/four redundancies.

I remember at the time it was a no brainer to take the pay cut for my colleagues but now with a wife addicted to ebay, a two and a half year old and a mortgage would I be so generous? A very difficult decision but I hope I would make the right one almost as much as I hope that I am never put in that situation again.

As well as getting me thinking the show taught me three things:

1. I wish I was a plumber……I couldn’t believe how much they were getting paid!!

2. The PR manager should get his pay rise if the show was his idea. What a great piece of positive PR for the business. An hour long show for a plumbing company that didn’t focus on blocked drains but how it was a caring business and forward thinking in its approach to HR.

3. More business should be open with their staff about how they can have an impact on salaries. I was really impressed with a group in the body work team who recognized that if they asked team mates to take pay cuts to help others it would lead to bad feelings, but if they analysed their costs in their department and put the savings towards pay rises for those in need of them, they could really make a difference.

What I’m not saying is that I want execs coming to me to say that they have stopped posting press releases on Real Wire so can they have the money instead but I do think everyone (regardless of industry) can be guilty of having tunnel vision and doing the job and not being aware of the costs that the job entails. Maybe if more people were aware of where they could make savings on top of delivering results it would be easier to distribute rewards.