Benefits of Toddler Enrichment Classes in Singapore

Toddlers can be a handful. You leave them in a room unsupervised for a few minutes, and you discover a mess that leaves you amazed that this small being could cause such havoc. Toddlers are in the discovery phase. 

Their brains are developing quickly, and they need to be exposed to different activities to keep them busy and help them achieve their milestones. Enrichment class for toddlers in Singapore has various programs that are beneficial to toddlers, and to some extent, parents as well.

Prepares toddlers for school

When you see toddlers in an enrichment class for toddlers in Singapore, it is easy to assume they are just playing. However, they participate in activities that instill the skills they will need when they get to the school-going age. 

Some of the skills toddlers learn in enrichment classes include concentration, problem-solving, and persistence. These are essential skills that may help deal with impulsiveness and inattention, which holds many preschoolers back.  

Improves fine and gross motor skills

At birth, babies barely have any control of their movements. This is why they initially move their hands aimlessly. Gross and fine motor skills are critical for infants to achieve their milestones. Gross motor skills are necessary for sitting, standing, walking, running, kicking, swimming, and jumping. 

Gross motor skills are also critical for balance, hand-eye coordination, and brain development. On the other hand, fine motors skills are necessary for writing, cutting, threading beads, and playing with legos. 

Some people assume that these skills develop naturally. However, while some infants go through their milestones easily, some children need help. Additionally, toddlers need to be exposed to activities that will boost their fine motor skills. 

An enrichment class Singapore appreciates the importance of a child being physically and emotionally ready for preschools. So, the activities are intentionally designed to help improve toddlers’ fine and gross motor skills. 

Increased social skills

Have you met toddlers who are comfortable around a stranger and those that cling to their parents? Toddlers have yet to develop personalities to claim that some are introverts and others are extroverts. Children need social skills to help them interact with other children. 

Social skills do not just focus on interaction with other children. They also help improve communication skills. This is why when young children attend an enrichment class for toddlers Singapore, they improve on their vocabulary, confidence, and self-esteem. 

Toddlers even develop interests in activities they may not have been exposed to had they stayed at home. Toddlers with social skills are unlikely to have a difficult time adjusting to preschool. 

Programs that encourage creativity and self-expression

Enrichment classes for toddlers have programs related to art, dance, and music. Many toddlers are not exposed to such an environment when at home. It will be interesting to see what the toddlers will do when they discover this different world. 

Increased self-expression encourages creativity and the development of other skills. For example, when a toddler listens to music, he may start dancing or using vocabulary relating to music. These extracurricular activities allow toddlers to broaden their horizons. 

There is much to gain from enrolling your toddler in an enrichment class. Toddler enrichment classes are becoming quite popular in Singapore, so you get to choose a centre you consider most suitable for your toddler.