Choosing the Right Brain Training Activities for Kids

Children experience several difficulties when they go to school for the first time. Some find learning in a group difficult, while others find it hard to remain attentive every couple of minutes. Brain training activities seek to aid brain development by introducing learning techniques that will make it easier for children to concentrate and perform well in school. 

Experts recommend kids brain training activities that are play-based and mind stimulating. Since children have different capabilities, how then can parents and teachers choose the ideal brain training activities? 

Start with simple activities. 

Simple activities, such as playing with blocks, are great for gauging a child’s strengths. You don’t want to start with complex activities because this may cause the child to shut down. Instead, allow him to gain confidence in his achievements, however small. 

When the child excels in the skill, you can now progress in making the activity more complex. For example, instead of just building the blocks, you can ask the child to separate the small blocks from the big ones. You may also introduce the concept of colours and ask the child to build the blocks according to colours. 

Introduce new activities

The brain develops and evolves depending on what it is exposed to. Right brain training in Singapore will help set the right learning curve for the child, both in academics and daily challenges in life. Parents and teachers must analyze a child’s responses to the brain training activities to determine if it is time to introduce a new skill. 

If you cannot introduce a new activity yet, you should find ways to raise the bar in activities that the child has mastered. 

Exercise patience when a child is struggling to grasp a new concept. When a child has difficulty learning something new, it is important to appreciate that his problem is not learning something new. The challenge may be his ability to increase his skillset and knowledge. Given time, he will figure out what he needs to do. You only need to encourage him not to give up. 

Choose activities that encourage creativity.

Have you had a child do or say something that left you wondering how he even thought of doing that? Children are naturally curious. They hardly ever second guess themselves when they think of something they’d like to try. 

Kids brain training encourages children to develop critical thinking skills. Some games, such as obstacle courses, require children to think deeply. They need to analyze the game to determine how best to overcome the obstacles and challenges before them. 

Select activities that children can practice regularly.

It is impossible to improve memory without working on it. One of the functions of kids brain training is to help children improve their memory. When children participate in brain training activities, they need to practice regularly. This helps them to develop different cognitive skills, such as critical thinking and memory. 

When introducing the right brain training Singapore, choose indoor and outdoor activities that encourage the development of different skills. This way, the children can keep practising when they are indoors and outdoors, irrespective of the weather. 

Brain training activities are chosen deliberately. When choosing an activity, ask yourself how kids are likely to benefit from it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate because children tend to lose interest when an activity is difficult. 

Consider the children’s age when choosing an activity. Older kids are usually more willing to try advanced and more complex activities. When kids brain training is done right, they will have an easier time transferring the knowledge and skill to their school work.